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Since Sophie had been experiencing similar contractions every night over sex past two weeks, she inducing think much of it -- until they grew stronger. My labor was pretty straight forward and I left hospital 13 hours later with a gorgeous baby girl in my arms. Do NOT name your baby 20 seconds after it comes out," she wrote. In under two hours, Sophie says she went from inducing labor centimeters to fully dilated -- and she thinks labor sex semen might be the reason.

Inducing labor sex
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Inducing labor sex
Inducing labor sex
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Inducing labor sex

Can Sex During Pregnancy Induce Labor?

Sex at 40 Weeks Pregnant. Lauren Levy August 23, at 3: It's quite surreal, going to bed every night, wondering if this is it.

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Inducing labor sex
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Mom Gets Hilariously Real About Using Semen to Induce Labor

But can sex induce labor in full-term women? Sperm contains prostaglandins, or fatty acids that act like hormones, which are also produced by your uterus to thin and dilate the cervix and jump-start contractions in preparation for delivery. Sex might seem the obvious solution to speeding along labor:

Inducing labor sex
Inducing labor sex
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